Dr Gerard Moore, analysing a spirituality for justice, speaks of two elements (or moments):43. A Spirituality for Justice

  • the way we know and
  • the impetus for conversion.

He asks: ‘How do I become a person who is attentive to the Spirit of justice and moved by the same spirit to act?’ (A Spirituality for Justice, Catholic Social Justice Series No. 43.)


When we want to bring about change, we seek more knowledge, which may lead to broader approaches and deeper discussion. Knowledge by itself, however, doesn't always bring about change.

A spirituality for justice will continually ask: Are our ways of thinking and reflection open to the promptings of God's Spirit?

We are looking at a poetic, if not symbolic task of remembering the forgotten and naming the unnamed. We seek to turn the traces of lost humanity and decimated earth into faces, faces which look at us and open our eyes. Such is the spirit found behind the parables and the prophets. It is evident in the preaching of Jesus.

A Spirituality for Justice, p. 6


Conversion into justice is a process – it is ongoing. It requires us to take up and explore a cluster of attitudes.

Again and again a spirituality of justice develops out of, and draws us into, understanding and then standing under fundamentals such as the question of neighbour (other), creation, symbol, worship, the Word and sin.

A Spirituality for Justice, p. 14

Such a spirit touches our lives and moves us to consider and enter into the lives of others. At the same time we are being called to an awareness of the needs of the earth, and of our place in creation. Such a spirituality ever seeks to embody the solidarity of the Church in and with all that God has made.

(p. 23)

70. Reading the signs of the timesThe 'two moments' referred to by Gerard Moore are similar to the Cardijn process of See, Judge, Act. This process is referred to by Pope John XXIII in Mater et Magistra and is explored in the ACSJC Catholic Social Justice Series No 70, Reading the Signs of the Times

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Our spirituality is nurtured by spiritual practices such as praying.

Following are links to the prayers written in support of the ACSJC Annual Social Justice Statements relating to a range of current social justice issues.

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