2001 Ten steps to welcome asylum seekersThis resource can be used with the Background Papers, Are we welcoming the stranger? and The Unwanted Stranger? Refugees in Australia.

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1. Be informed

Know the facts.  Contact one of the agencies listed for accurate information. ACSJC has publications; NSW CLRI has an education kit.

2. Spread the word

  • Inform others of world events, which cause people to flee their country.
  • Participate in education campaigns targeting racism.

3. Speak of asylum seekers as people

Establish personal contact, friendship, understanding and acceptance.

4. Make a contribution

  • Offer financial or other support or voluntary services for asylum seekers’ assistance centres.
  • Provide a travel pass or phone card for an asylum seeker.

5. Visit a detention centre

Identify an asylum seeker and visit her or him.

6. Be a mentor and friend

  • Mentor a person with a temporary protection visa in the workplace.
  • Befriend these people in the neighbourhood or your local church.

7. Advocate2001 Ten steps to welcome asylum seekers

  • Monitor parliamentary bills.
  • Draw attention to legislation; the removal of basic human rights; discrimination; conditions in detention centres; inadequate representation.

8. Use the media effectively

  • Be alert to the use of manipulative language in the media: newspapers, talk-back radio; television.
  • Write letters.

9. Encourage others

Encourage family, friends and colleagues to participate in some of these activities.

10. Pray

Use the accompanying Prayer Card.