2018 A Place to Call Home: Making a home for everyone in our land
2017 Everyone’s Business: Developing an inclusive and sustainable economy
2016  A Place at the Table: Social justice in an ageing society
2015  For Those Who've Come Across the Seas: Justice for refugees and asylum seekers
2014  A Crown for Australia: Striving for the best in our sporting nation
2013 Lazarus at Our Gate: A critical moment in the fight against world poverty
  The Gift of Family in Difficult Times: The social and economic challenges facing families today
2011  Building Bridges, Not Walls: Prisons and the justice system
2010  Violence in Australia: a message of peace
2009  And You Will Be My Witnesses: Young people and justice
2008  A Rich Young Nation: The challenge of affluence and poverty in Australia
2007  Who is my Neighbour? Australia's role as a global citizen
2006  The Heart of our Country: Dignity and Justice for our Indigenous sisters and brothers
2005  Jesus, Light for the World: Living the gospel today
2004  Peace be with you: Cultivating a culture of peace
2003  A Generous Heart in the Love of Christ: Challenging Racism in Australia today
2002  A New Earth: The environmental challenge
2001  A Just and Peaceful Land: Rural and Regional Australia in 2001
2000  Woman and Man: The Bishops respond
1999  Jubilee Justice
1998  The Challenge of the Aging
1997  Seeking Justice
1996  A New Beginning: Eradicating Poverty in our World
1995  Tolerance: A Christian Perspective on the International Year for Tolerance
1994  Putting People First: A word in support of the unemployed
1993  Recognition: The Way Forward
1992  Common Wealth for the Common Good
1991  I am a Stranger: Will you welcome me? The immigration debate
1990  Social Justice in Everyday Life
1989  Catholics Look at Wealth Distribution
1988  Prison: The Last Resort
1987  A Just and Proper Settlement
1986  Founded on Justice and Peace
1985  Work for a Just Peace
1984  It's a Rocky Road: Young people in Australia
1983  Changing Australia
1982  House and Home: A Christian Call for Housing Justice
1981  Partners: Australia, Asia, The Pacific
1980  Poverty, power and the Church
1979  Beyond Unemployment: A statement on human labour
1978  Aborigines: A statement of concern
1977  A New Australia
1976  Towards a whole community
1975  The Social Side of Sin
1974  Lucky Australia
1973  Population in Perspective
1966  The Moral Code
1962  What the Vatican Council means to you
1961  What do you read?
1960  International Social Justice
1959  The Natural Law
1958  Massacre on the Roads
1957  Australia's Bold Adventure
1956  Hunger
1955  The Big Cities
1954  The Australian Standard of Living
1953  Land without People
1952  Food or Famine
1951  The Future Australia
1950  Morality in Public Life
1949  Christian Education in a Democratic Community
1948  Socialisation
1947  Peace in Industry
1946  Social Security and Human Rights
1945  The Land is Your Business
1944  The Family
1943  Pattern for Peace
1942  For Freedom
1941  Justice Now!
1940  Bishops' Statement on Social Justice