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                                     August 2019        No 214



From the Office for Social Justice
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From the Office for Social Justice


Social Justice Statement urges human encounter in our digital world

This year's Social Justice Statement highlights how the dignity of vulnerable people is harmed by online bullying and exploitation. 'The common good is compromised where certain groups are excluded from the benefits of technology,' says Australian Catholic Bishops Conference President Archbishop Mark Coleridge. 'People’s privacy has been undermined when personal data has been appropriated for financial gain.' The 2019-20 Statement - titled Making it Real: Genuine human encounter in our digital world - will be launched on 3 September. ... read more From the Office for Social Justice


Current Issues/Resources:

1908bTheologian links climate emergency with Christian suffering

Dr Neil Ormerod believes we have 'succumbed to the temptation of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden'. You shall be like gods. And just like Adam and Eve, we will be expelled from our garden planet because of our sinful pride, leaving future generations nothing but 'debris, desolation and filth'. In an article published in Sight Magazine, he suggests that we can avert this if we 'pick up our cross and learn to live with less while engaging in process of political and economic change that establish a more sustainable approach to living on a fragile planet'. ... see more Current Issues/Resources


ACSJC Publications:

1908cSocial Justice Statement ready for order

We are encouraging people to order the annual Social Justice Statement online. The ACSJC is now taking orders for this year’s Statement on human encounter in our digital world. The ACSJC website will have resources available for download free of charge before Social Justice Sunday. They will include Social Justice Sunday Liturgy Notes, a PowerPoint presentation and community and education resources. ... see more Publications


Social Justice Events: 

1908dSunday 4 August - National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day 2019

Children’s Day has been celebrated on this date for more than 30 years. It’s a special time for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to celebrate our children, and for all Aussies to learn about our cultures. In 2019, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day is celebrating the early years, and promoting the importance of early years education and care for our little ones. ... Read more

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This includes information about social justice events by various organisations around Australia. Event details may have changed since being posted - please confirm with the organiser.


News Monitor:

1908eHuman rights priest says it's time to listen to Aboriginal voices

Jesuit lawyer Fr Frank Brennan has urged Australians to have faith in Indigenous parliamentarians to find the right words for a referendum on constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Speaking in July, he highlighted the significance of having a minister and shadow minister for Indigenous Australians who are both Aboriginal. 'At least we’ve now reached the stage where Aboriginal aspirations can be expressed in Parliament by Aboriginal people themselves. If we can get agreement amongst Ken Wyatt, Pat Dodson, Linda Burney, Malandirri McCarthy and Jacqui Lambie about a form of words to put to the people at a referendum on Aboriginal recognition in the Constitution, I would be happy to endorse it sight unseen,' he said. ... see more News items


Social Justice Diary:

1908fFriday 9 August - International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

In 1994 the United Nations General Assembly decided that the International Day of the World's Indigenous People shall be observed on 9 August every year. This year’s theme is Indigenous Languages. The aim is to highlight the critical need to revitalise, preserve, and promote indigenous languages and share good practices through expert/interactive panels and presentation of innovative initiatives on indigenous languages. ... see more Diary items



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