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                                     June 2019        No 212



From the Office for Social Justice
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From the Office for Social Justice


June focus on treatment of first peoples and recent arrivals

This month begins with an ending, prompting us to reflect on those who are first and last in our society. National Reconciliation Week comes to an end on 3 June and then National Refugee Week begins on 16 June. Our society’s treatment of the First Peoples of this place, and of those who are the last to have arrived, challenges us to greater commitment to the common good. ... read more From the Office for Social Justice


Current Issues/Resources:

1906bCatholic Religious reach out to PM Morrison

In a congratulatory letter to the Prime Minister following the recent Federal Election, Catholic Religious Australia president Sr Monica Cavanagh rsj urged him to act to address the needs of vulnerable Australians. Among other priorities, she called for a revisiting of the Government's position in relation to the treatment of asylum seekers and for the Government to take the ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’ seriously. She also listed decisive action to address the climate crisis and the necessary budgetary commitment to address homelessness. ‘CRA believes in the inherent dignity of each human person and is an advocate for justice and compassion towards those whose life chances are limited,' she said. ... see more Current Issues/Resources


ACSJC Publications:

1906cPastoral letter on the 'shame' of low-wage poverty

Last month's Pastoral Letter for the Feast of St Joseph the Worker reflects on why there is even such a thing as low-wage poverty in Australia today. Bishop Terence Brady writes: ‘Opinions may differ on what will best serve the common good, but let us remember that the common good is not served when vulnerable or disadvantaged people and groups are left out.’ The pastoral letter looks at a number of key principles related to Catholic Social Teaching on work, especially that of a just wage, and also the value of unpaid work. ... see more Publications


Social Justice Events: 

1906d10 to 28 June - Awaken! The 2019 Catholic Youth Event

This includes one-day events featuring guest artists Jesse Manibusan and Joshua Angrisano. Awaken to: justice, climate change, refugees, third word poverty, domestic violence, mental illness, inclusion... creating a new world of stewardship and justice for all God’s people. A dynamic and challenging day empowering young people through presentation, discussion, reflection, story, great live band, and multimedia. Awaken is supported by a live band, GPBS Mission and Ministry team and held in your location with local community involvement. ... Read more

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This includes information about social justice events by various organisations around Australia. Event details may have changed since being posted - please confirm with the organiser.


News Monitor:

1906eVatican conference calls for protection of biodiversity

People’s attitudes toward nature, economic systems and consumption habits need to radically change to promote a more sustainable and caring world, participants at a Vatican-sponsored conference said. The Pontifical Academy of Sciences brought together heads of natural history museums, botanical gardens, zoos and aquariums along with experts in biodiversity and ecology for a conference last week on species protection. ... see more News items


Social Justice Diary:

1906f5 June - World Environment Day

World Environment Day is the United Nations’ most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Since it began in 1974, it has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries. Billions of rural people around the world spend every working day ‘connected to nature’ and appreciate full well their dependence on natural water supplies and how nature provides their livelihoods in the form of fertile soil. They are among the first to suffer when ecosystems are threatened, whether by pollution, climate change or over-exploitation. ... see more Diary items



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