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                                     August 2018        No 203



From the Secretariat
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From the Secretariat:


Social Justice Statement to highlight critical issue of homelessness

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) statement for 2018-19 is titled A Place to Call Home: Making a home for everyone in our land. In a letter to parishes and church communities, ACBC President Archbishop Mark Coleridge says: 'House prices and even rents are spiralling out of reach of too many families... For those living on pensions or allowances, finding secure housing can be a far greater challenge - one that often takes a terrible toll on social wellbeing and mental health.' ... read more From the Secretariat


Current Issues/Resources:

1808bCatholic Religious anti-slavery advocacy to lose federal funding

Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH) has launched a national fundraising appeal after this week's Federal Government announcement that ACRATH is losing federal funding from this year. ACRATH Executive Officer Christine Carolan said the organisation is now completely reliant on the generosity of the community to continue working to combat modern day slavery and forced marriage. 'We are very disappointed... We have come so far, but in some ways we are only just beginning to tackle emerging issues such as forced labour and forced marriage.'  ... see more Current Issues/Resources


ACSJC Publications:

1808cOrders open for Social Justice Statement

The ACSJC is now taking orders for copies of this year's statement on the critical issue of homelessness (see above). An order form, a letter from the President of the Bishops Conference and a summary material are available on the ACSJC website. The website will also have resources available for download free of charge before Social Justice Sunday. These include Social Justice Sunday Liturgy Notes, a PowerPoint presentation and community and education resources. ... see more Publications


Social Justice Events: 

1808d6-12 August - National Homelessness Week

Homelessness Week is an annual observance coordinated by Homelessness Australia to raise awareness and to prompt action needed to achieve enduring solutions. In 2018, the theme for the Week is 'Ending homelessness together'. Homelessness Australia is encouraging the community to get active as citizens by calling on political leaders to make the changes needed to end homelessness. Suggested actions include organising community events and inviting an MP or Senator to attend. ... Read more

 All events

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This includes information about social justice events by various organisations around Australia. Event details may have changed since being posted - please confirm with the organiser.


News Monitor:

1808eBishops back efforts to eliminate modern slavery

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) has supported new legislation to help eradicate the scourge of modern slavery. The federal government recently introduced the Modern Slavery Bill 2018 into parliament last week. The bill will require large organisations in Australia with annual revenue of at least $100 million to report annually on their efforts to detect and eliminate slavery from their supply chains. 'Human dignity is the dignity unique to human beings and the basis of all human rights,' said ACBC president Archbishop Mark Coleridge.  ... see more News items


Social Justice Diary:

1808f17 Aug 1971 - Swearing-in of Senator Neville Bonner as the first Aboriginal member of the Australian Parliament

He was the first Indigenous Australian to become a member of the Parliament of Australia. Initially appointed by the Queensland Parliament to fill a casual vacancy in the representation of Queensland in the Senate, he later became the first Indigenous Australian to be elected to the parliament by popular vote. He was an elder of the Jagera people.  ... see more Diary items



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