Sandie Cornish, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, today urged the Catholic community to use their votes in the 3 October Federal Election for the common good.

'Australians sometimes get a bit complacent or apathetic about politics, but it is a serious Christian duty to take pad in public life. Not only do we have a right to vote, we also have a duty to vote thoughtfully.

'The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council has prepared a brief, simple leaflet aimed at helping people to vote responsibly. It doesn't tell anyone how to vote. It recalls the Church's teaching on the role of governments. It highlights some of the key social justice issues facing Australia in the 3 October Federal election, and it points out some criteria from Catholic Social Teaching by which we can judge the relative merit of different polices. The leaflet also provides some questions that people could raise with all candidates.

During this Federal election, the ACSJC will be circulating its election leaflet

'I would particularly like to encourage young people who are eligible to vote to make sure that they register in good time to be able to have their say in this election', she concluded.

The leaflet, Use Your Vote for the Common Good, is available from the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council and may be photocopied for further distribution.