'The majority of Australians live in cities and transport is the main cause of air pollution in urban areas.

The level of traffic and pollution from cars was quite an unpleasant surprise for me when I moved to Parramatta from Armidale! Our big cities are being choked by cars, yet most of us don't think of our car use as a matter of environmental justice. We tend not to think about how our reliance on cars relates to respect for the integrity of God's creation', said Bishop Manning, Chairman of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council.

'I'm pleased to present a new booklet in our Catholic Social Justice Series called Urban Transport and the Environment. This informative paper written by Dr Paul Mees will help us to reflect on our transport choices and the forces that shape them. It will help us to understand better the environmental consequences of those choices', he continued.

'Both govemment action and community involvement will be needed to improve the situation. Personal action will be most effective when it takes place in the context ofbroader policy and planning. I hope that by reading this paper and thinking about the issues individuals and groups will be better equipped to identify starting points for their own action', he concluded.

Dr Paul Mees teaches transport planning in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at Melbourne University. In 1997 he worked as a research fellow at the Urban Research Program, ANU. He is president of the Public Transport Users' Association in Melbourne, and was an editor of the revived Catholic Worker newspaper in the late 1980s.

Urban Transport and the Environment is available from the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council