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How do we overcome violence?  According to churches around the world, the answer lies in cultivating a culture of peace.

As many in the Australian community, and around the world struggle to make sense of what happened in New York and Washington DC on 11 September, and to discern appropriate responses, the National Council of Churches of Australia (NCCA) Gender Commission and the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, in association with the NSW Ecumenical Council, are holding a seminar to promote reflection, conversation and action on the theme of building a culture of peace and overcoming violence.

The seminar, to be held on 17 November, is a contribution to the World Council of Churches Decade to Overcome Violence, and the concurrent United Nations Decade for Building a Culture of Peace.

“The seminar will bring together people from the member of churches of the NCCA to share their perspectives on peace building and learn from each others’ efforts to promote peace in our world.  It is one way in which people of faith can respond to recent world events ” said Sandie Cornish, National Executive Officer of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council.

David Gill, General Secretary of the NCCA noted that this project of the Gender Commission is a very exciting contribution to the World Council of Churches decade for Overcoming Violence that was launched in February this year.

“Opportunities like this for people to gather and reflect are critical as we try and make sense of current events,” he said.